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Being a one-stop chemical specialist, Lab Express offers a diverse portfolio of chemicals that includes products such as ACS chemicals, laboratory chemicals, citric acid solution, alcohol, cosmetics ingredients, organic chemicals, food ingredients, bacitracin zinc and many more. Hence, by partnering with Lab Express, there is no need to keep in touch with another vendor.
However, to be a true pioneer in the field of chemicals, one requires more than just products. Advancement in technology and more emphasis on R&D has developed better way of chemical treatment. Hence, manufacturers nowadays ask for chemical related services as well. This has enhanced the importance of services like powder blending, micronization, custom manufacturing and liquid blending. Ad Systems provides such services to its clients to make sure it keeps on dominating the chemical market.
Other than products and services, a chemical firm also has to score in the field of quality guidelines framed by the relevant authorities. This reaffirms the faith of the client in the chemical vendor. In addition to that, it is an important part if one wishes to play a long innings in the chemicals game. Keeping the same in mind, Lab Express makes its 20,000 chemicals and intermediates including specials like Inositol USP and Dichlorobenzene among others under GMP and ISO standards, and also sees to it that its processes are in compliance with FDA regulations.
Throughout its long presence in the market, it has partner with the best in the business. Be it Fortune 500 companies or MNC’s, Lab Express has dealt with all of them along with smaller players. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that it is a seasoned one-stop chemical firm with a dynamic mindset.
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