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    Security / Risk Managment Services

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    isa * international security affiliates is a multi-functional security company, with more then 30 years of exemplary service to our clientele. affiliates world …

    Administrative Services Los Angeles, CA

    Services Administrative - Los Angeles, CA

    ISA * International Security Affiliates is a multi-functional security company, with more then 30 years of exemplary service to our clientele. Affiliates world wide allows us to offer our services on a global range, from low level of security to high profile personal protection.
    We further have developed a program called B-ARM - Behavioral Analysis Risk Management, the only course similar to ours at this time, is only available to military and law enforcement, this course is geared toward terrorism deterrent. Our teams are comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals, from the United States Secret Service, federal, state, municipal, university, corporate, international and military environments. Our team has over a century of combined quality investigative, protective, intelligence, special event, aviation, maritime, technical, health & safety, evaluating aberrant behavior and training experience. The ISA * INTERNATIONAL SECURITY AFFILIATES team was established with a commitment to our clients, offering honesty, integrity, and confidentiality, coupled with a proactive approach, which leads to peace of mind providing a competitive edge. Worldwide, ISA provides resources to assist progressive companies seeking total asset protection. We develop strategies and design systems that mitigate security, health & safety and human resources risks. At ISA, we believe that our concept of being in partnership with our clients results in enhancing their security and safety, providing a safe and secure environment for their employees, customers and guests. ADDITIONAL INFO. ISA PSD PROTECTION TEAM
    Our PSD and EPS Team of tier-one operatives are the best in the industry. We have CQB combat experience in providing security safeguards against any insurgency or combat assaults to our convoys. We are a small firm yet fully operational in all areas of high risk deployments.
    Our dynamic protection details are composed of armored motorcade logistic to assure that you are fully protected and safe from harm?s way. Thus, adventurous executives can feel assured and confident that they can successfully perform their business development in a secured environment!
    · Convoy Protection / Pro-active LZ Defense · Elite Commando Units / Tactical · Concentric Circle Security / Alternate Route Logistics · Choke Area / Anti-Ambush / Anti-IED · Paramilitary Group / Extractions · Sniper Counter-Surveillance / Hot Zone · Advance Local Intelligence / Countermeasures · Clandestine Operations / Covert HUMINT · Surveillance / Reconnaissance / Intelligence / Investigation We would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss how International Security Affiliates. may be of service to you. T I
    Price: $75 per/hr, Licensed.

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    Special Event Security Agency,

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    aisa / a* international security affiliates are los angeles's premier among satisfied clients that have utilized our services  are: para los ninos,944 magazi…

    Event & Party Services Los Angeles, CA

    Services Event & Party - Los Angeles, CA

    AISA / A* International Security Affiliates are Los Angeles's premier among satisfied clients that have utilized our services  are: Para Los Ninos,944 Magazine, LA Magzine, Reebocks, Culver Studios, Hard Rock Cafe etc...
    Among regular event security we also provide high profile security agents for stage escort for the Celebrities and any other protective measures needed. I can be contacted directly at (310) 930.6335for any assistance or  further information.
    Mathew Palmer
    Operations Manager AISA * Alexander International Security Affiliates
    Alexander Enterprises
    Tel: (310)930.6335   Operations:  (310)930.2426
    Skype ID   isaprotect
    9029 Airport Blvd.,  #91214
    Los Angeles,  CA 90009
    PPO 14993        PI  12878
    Affiliations: CALI. NAPEA. IACS.  LALEFI.  ATAP. ASLET.  Etc?

    Price: $23 +, Licensed.


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