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    Pilates Mat & Reformer (machine) Class

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    in our pilates foundation workshop, you will learn basic pilates mat and reformer (machine) exercises. in just 8 weeks, you will strengthen your core, arm, and …

    Activities Community Concord, CA

    Community Activities - Concord, CA

    In our Pilates Foundation workshop, you will learn basic Pilates Mat and Reformer (machine) exercises. In just 8 weeks, you will strengthen your core, arm, and leg muscles, improve your flexibility and balance, address your muscular imbalances, and improve your posture. This class of just 5 students is small and individually focused, guaranteeing that you will get plenty of personal attention and instruction while you are learning. All levels of physical strength are welcome. We?ll make modifications to the exercises to suit your strength and coordination level. In this Foundation workshop, you will begin with three weeks of Mat work to begin strengthening your core and focus on healthy body alignment. This first step ensures that you will not injure your body while delving deeper into Pilates work. After 6 mat classes, you will have the core strength to begin working on the Reformer. This is when the results really begin to show. After 10 classes on the Reformer, you will begin to see the fantastic results gained by Pilates ? a decrease in chronic pain and a stronger, more beautifully balanced body. This workshop includes 1 private personal training session & 2 group classes per week for 8 weeks 17 classes (6 mat, 10 reformer & 1 private)
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    Price: $495

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    Aspire Pilates Center

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    personal trainer. an amazing body-mind practice, pilates is a dynamic and safe way to build incredible strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. emphasi…

    Beauty & Wellness Services Concord, CA

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    Personal Trainer.
    An amazing body-mind practice, Pilates is a dynamic and safe way to build incredible strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Emphasizing breathing and concentration, this work creates a strong sense of body awareness, improves alignment, and addresses muscular imbalances. Often referred to as a ?no pain, lots of gain? form of fitness, Pilates is accessible to people of all fitness levels. From Aspire Pilates Center, you'll gain:

    Strength * Stronger core muscles * Improved posture * Reduced back & joint pain * Improved bladder control * Ability to go about daily activities with more ease and less fatigue

    Flexibility * Gently lengthened muscles * Feeling taller and more free in your body * Healthier joint mechanics * Release of tension * Prevention of muscle injury

    Balance * Strong, flexible, supple muscles * Agility and endurance * Prevention of falls * Self/Body awareness * Confidence * Efficient movement

    Focus & Breath * More focused mind * Energized and oxygenated body * Improved muscle function * Reduced muscle tension * Improved endurance and stamina

    At Aspire, we offer Group and Private sessions (including Duets and Trios).

    What makes our Pilates classes special and different: * Classes are held in our beautiful, professional studio. * Group classes are small with only 5-8 students. * Plenty of personal attention and individualized instruction. * Exercises are easily modified for your body and abilities. * Learn Pilates techniques correctly, ensuring great results without pain and by building a solid foundation. * Relaxing before and after class in our community room - filled with comfortable pillows and cushy carpet where you can rest after work, chat, meet people, and use massage balls to relax sore and tight muscles.
    Price: $20-$70 per hour, Licensed.


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